The primary section of the Oxford School Kollam, retained the unique culture and concept of promoting Unity in Diversity, organized a well-disciplined  systemized ‘Fest’, based on different festivals viz, Eid, Christmas, Diwali, Onam and Girls’ Day. The students from grades 3 to 6 with great zeal decorated their classrooms with lights, charts, glittered papers, balloons, models of crackers, beautiful and colourful dolls of different sizes, to celebrate HinaMasturi. The bulletin boards were filled with pictures, chart works detailing the myths and importance of the festivals, models were displayed profusely. ,and served  homemade delicacies; biriyani and chicken curry, salad, onasadya, cakes with different flavours and taste, ghee rice, diwalisweets like ladoos, cakes, banana halwa, vada and chutney, elayappam, pudding, flavoured lemonades, gulabjamoon, pedas, halwas, unnaka etc, adhered to the festivals, moulded each hearts and mind with the spirit of living together under one roof with oneness, love, harmony and team spirit. The Principal of the school Mr. Abdurahiman inaugurated the fest  along with the manager Mr. Shanavaz, and Mr. Basheer.