The Oxford School, top CBSE School in Kollam believes that along with developing academically strong students, an important goal of education is to teach children to be socially responsible citizens who would learn from the youngest ages how to give of themselves for the greater good. Towards this end, we aim to meet not only the physical, emotional and educational needs of children, but their spiritual need as well.

Regular Islamic studies for all Muslim students and Moral science classes for children of all other religions incorporated in the curriculum forms a part of this. Besides this, age-appropriate activities, reading materials, class trips and guest speakers on varied topics of service and civil responsibility are an integral part of a child’s education at Oxford. The task of developing good human beings and responsible social citizens requires empathy, deliberative reasoning, and the moral imagination of all members of the Oxford community.
Here, learning to give of one begins in kindergarten and continues throughout the entire schooling period as students participate in community service and outreach projects which are integrated into the curriculum, ensuring The Oxford School to create not only academically strong graduates but also those who will become informed, intuitive and sensitive citizens.