On a beautiful and pleasant Saturday, 6th February 2016, the kids of THE OXFORD SCHOOL celebrated Grandparents Day. The School organized special activities for the elderly guests. After prayer Mr. Abdul Latheef   who represented the Grandparents thanked the authorities for the rare opportunity of honouring the elders and strengthening the relationship bond, there by inculcating values in the little hearts. He also shared his heart touching experiences which moved the hearts of the gathering welling tears in each eye.

The programme was blended with colourful performances by the kids. “Passing the parcel” was the attraction of the day. Despite health problems the guests actively participated in the games, and the winners were awarded prizes. The day ended with laughter, tears, and cheers of joy. The venerable guests of the day dispersed after the National Anthem.

As they moved along one could sense their heartfelt love and gratitude which made their day tremendous and enthusiastic, which they could cherish in their bosom along with their rich experiences, which is the crown of their aged.

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