Happy and mental healthy child studying the smart way

Studying is always a burden for most children. Parents are usually fed up in attempting to draw their child’s attention towards a chapter. Well, there’s news, especially for parents. YOU ARE POINTLESSLY PUSHING TOO HARD! We need SMART steps rather than the constant ‘work hard’ cries. Here are 10 tips to discover what clicks and makes your child outsmart those tough lessons:

  1. Keep it slow & steady – Your child’s brain process small bits of information much effectively compared to jamming in loads. So, schedule a short 30-minute session that would allow concepts to seep in faster.
  2. Ideal space – Help your child arrange the perfect study spot with all the required materials before settling in. This preps their brain into action. Remember, avoid all kinds of distractions – television, mobile phones, loud conversations, etc.
  3. Healthy diet, rest & play – If you want your kids to absorb the topics they study they must be alert and well-rested. Hydrate and feed them nutritious food, let them play in the open, and ensure adequate sleep to power up those systems.
  4. Smart flashcards – Writing flashcards are a proven way to help children remember what they have grasped. Since the brain stores information that’s read or heard way better when written down, flashcards are an excellent means to a smart study.
  5. Join the dots – While learning, make them connect various related information as they progress with their lessons. This is called contextual learning. By grouping related information together, they understand the whole picture.
  6. Goal-oriented – Children should make a list of all the tasks they need to complete and strike them off when achieved. This reduces their tension and gives them a sense of accomplishment allowing them to fulfill more.
  7. Practice makes your child perfect – Test them often at home to find where they are weak at and how they can improve. This builds confidence and strength in the subject as well as helps them face examinations with ease.
  8. Teaching always pays – Your child can learn and remember more logically when they try to teach someone. Research has also backed this by stating that teaching others allows outstanding absorption of information on one’s brain.
  9. The loud and clear way to memorise – Instruct your kid to read aloud to integrate the concepts and recall them at a faster pace.
  10. Give those eyes some rest – With the ongoing online classes and online study materials, children are certainly bound to engage more in front of the monitors. But it’s hard to remember when they study from a screen compared to when they study from a book or paper. It would be effective to print out those online notes and lessons and give their puffy eyes a break!