Inauguration Of English Literary Club 2018-19 by Mrs. Ajitha B R(Retd.Prof. S N College Kollam)

Discerning to acquire learning skills,understanding words of insight, gaining instructions and knowledge; on 23rd July 2018, The Oxford School witnessed The Literary Club inauguration which was held with great grandeur and splendor, to entice the young minds to spring up and accomplish various co-scholastic areas of interest and excellence. The programme was held in the school Quadrangle at 2PM.

Dr.Sajd Ali, the Principal of The Oxford School welcomed the chief guest Mrs. Ajitha G R (Retd.Prof.S N College Kollam). He in his presidential address threw light on the importance of clubs in schools. Prof. Ajitha, spoke on the relevance and importance of English language for the future prospects of the students. The vice principal Mrs. Mini K Pillai stressed on how any effective club should function for the academic year. The HOS Mrs. Usha Roy in her felicitation wished all the club members to consider this as a platform to exhibit their talents and skills.

Various entertaining programs were organized for the day