The Oxford School Parliament Election was conducted on 29th June 2016

In building a responsible society, we must start by making the individual responsible. Aiming democratic awareness and leadership qualities among students The Oxford School Conducted school parliament election.  An election commission was formed among students and Mr. Aswin Sunil Kumar from 12th C was given the charge of Chief Election Commissioner. Mr. Arun Nath,  Mr. Mhammed Ramsan,  Mr. Melbinson Toby and Mrs. Ambika Devi  were enacted as teachers in charge of election process. Eligible candidates were selected after screening the submitted nomination forms by election committee. The selected candidates attended  “Meet The Candidate” programme  in the school Quadrangle and there after Debate on the topic “Mobile Phones In Schools As Learning Aid or Distraction”. The programme provided a platform for the candidates where they could introduce themselves and ask for votes and proclaiming their election manifesto. Each candidate expressed both their own views and the views of all other pupils they represent. On election day students marked their valuable votes on ballot papers in confidential and disciplined way after that counting process started under the supervision of election commission.


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