Eat Good! Feel Good! — Fruit Salad Day @ TOSK- 2019

Learning and having fun is what the Kindergarten curriculum encapsulates. To highlight the importance of having fruits and how it helps us in keeping good health, ‘Fruit Salad Day’ was held at TOSK on 18.10.2019.  The occasion was used to teach the students the health benefits of fruit – one of Mother Nature’s most amazing foods, the colorful variety present in abundance and the benefits of sharing and pooling resources. 

It was a pleasant sight to see children come to School carrying their favorite fruit. The excitement in showing their teacher what they love the best brought out a lot of enthusiasm to take part in this activity. 

Helped to cut the fruits by their teachers, the little ones mixed the cut fruit, added sugar and definitely no one had tasted better fruit salad earlier than this special day! The Fruit Salad Day was indeed a relishing feast for the children.