A visit to the Paddy Field

We live in the fast food era. The new generation does not know where the food they eat is cultivated and how. Most of them do not have any idea about farms or farming. The hands-on experiential learning environment a farm provides is invaluable to the children’s educational growth. In an attempt to teach the students the value of agriculture, TOSK has organized a field visit to Class IX & X students on 27th   September 2019. Students visited a paddy field at Umayanalloor in the morning. To understand practically about conventional farming of crop in the field was one of the main purposes of the visit. Students were very curious to learn & observe the cultivation of paddy. They also understood the problems faced by the farmers. They discussed about the irrigation pattern, methods of harvesting etc. Students were demonstrated traditional implementation of farming. The field visit has created episode memories for the students, which will help them retain information for longer periods. The student gained a tangible education as well that is multifaceted and intergenerational.