7 useful tips to make virtual to in-person learning easier for your child

Student thinking about live classes, 7 Tips to make virtual to live classes easy for children

Following a difficult school year, many parents are eventually getting pretty hopeful about their children returning to school. Still, many families are concerned about the challenges awaiting students as they move back to in-person learning. These 7 Tips to make virtual to live classes easy for children will help you a lot.

Now, families should begin prepping their children for the switchover pronto. Some kids might get concerned regarding their exposure to COVID-19.

Along with the interactions they have to get into with their classmates. Transition can be difficult, particularly when children and families had to adapt to massive alterations last year.

Here are 7 Tips to make virtual to live classes easy for children:

Parents should monitor their own mental status – First off, it is essential that parents keep their mental well-being under check as it can affect children. Kids swiftly catch unnatural behaviour from their parents, which stresses them out.

Have a back-to-school chat – Discuss and convey the information about the significance of returning to school clearly with your child in order to boost their confidence.

Ease their worries – Enquire openly about the issues your child expects when they think about returning to face-to-face learning. It can extinguish any uncertainty that might occur in their minds through your constant support and encouragement.

Resume old school routines – Get your child ready for the new shift by restarting the habits they followed prior to virtual learning. Preferably, they should adapt to their old timeline at least two weeks before school begins.

Alert your child to follow safety measures – Carefully explain the importance of obeying COVID safety procedures when they reach school, such as masking, sanitising, washing their hands, and maintaining social distance.

Get in touch with the school – Find out the daily schedule from the class teacher or school authorities in advance. So that you can review and get prepared beforehand to relieve your child’s confusion and anxiety. Request a school tour if conditions permit. To let your child relax and seep in the surroundings of the school.

Restart your child’s social activities – If your child hasn’t already begun taking part socially, attempt to arrange to meet-ups with a few of their friends. This would calm their nerves and mitigate their fear of interaction, if any.

After all, going back to school will not be perfect. Not just the students, but also the principal, teachers, staff, bus drivers and school administrators, are shifting towards new expectations.

You must always give your child and yourself room to deal with these issues in a slow and steady manner. The Oxford School Kollam has given the utmost care to make sure a smooth transition to live classes for both students and parents alike.