Education at the Oxford School, Kolllam is a continual process of discovering, learning and maturing, as students, supported by their teachers and their parents, progress through the various key stages of their school life. Probably our greatest challenge as a school is to develop in our students the capacity for independent thought and action, and then combine this with rational and responsible decision-making.

This challenge is the essential basis for academic success throughout the school, but particularly so in the Senior school, Yet we believe strongly that such learning skills have to be developed as early as possible and, for this reason, your children will be acquiring them throughout their time at the school. Subject knowledge is important, but, for success, whether academic or non-academic, learning and study skills are essential.

Going to a school such as the Oxford School, Kollam is in many ways a privilege, providing what is often called ‘an excellent start in life’. With such an opportunity goes a sense of responsibility and perspective, and it is vital our students develop the ability not just to think for themselves but also for others, both within the school community and further afield. This is something we pursue at the Oxford School, Kollam in a multitude of ways at all levels of the school.

Ten Values of the School
“To enable students to display real dexterity of thought and action when faced with changing circumstances.”

English, or literacy, and Mathematics, or numeracy, are the central elements in the Junior School curriculum. These are delivered with a rigour stemming from proven and traditional teaching methods and are bolstered by the latest innovations in modern practices such as interactive white boards and other ICT systems. Further to this the school has ready access to the latest in modern texts and curriculum planning strategies and the staff regularly review their teaching practices to ensure a fresh and dynamic approach to education.

Being based on the tried and trusted methods in other schools, of the Trust emphasis on specialist teaching in subjects such as Arabic, English, Science, Art, Music, ICT and PE. Regular homework, or prep, is set to support and extend the children’s learning. Moreover, it instills self-discipline and independent study, which are vital to academic progression through the school. As would be expected the support and involvement of the parent in encouraging the child to complete such work is all important and backs up the school’s policy on extended learning.

Entry procedure involves the parents and child spending a morning in the Pre-school or Infant School where they will meet the head of the Junior School, the key stage coordinator and, where possible, the prospective class teacher.

There is no formal test, but the child is encouraged to get to know the teachers and to interact with other prospective students. This may be through set tasks and activities or play.

At this early stage language proficiency is deemed less important than the ability to mix socially with other children and staff alike be it in the classroom environment or the more informal setting of play areas.

Where applicable a confidential report is required from the child’s previous nursery or kindergarten.

Following the formative years of Nursery and reception, the Oxford School, Kollam is a school of selection. This process is made as comfortable as possible for all concerned. The school approaches the process of selection with the firm belief that all students have something to offer and every chance is given to accommodate parents and students who wish to join the school.