The school provides a holistic environment for its boarders with a focus on providing a well-rounded educational establishment, with sports facilities and cultural activities in a stimulating, friendly home.

The school has a wide-ranging activity programme on weekdays, after the school day, and an interactive weekend programme that is aimed predominantly at boarders, but is also available to day students. Pupils and teachers alike are encouraged to participate in this to broaden their horizons, develop new skills and discover hidden talents.

The facilities at the Oxford School, Kollam are of the highest quality and a complete range of extra-curricular activities encourages social and personal growth. Activities range from a wide gambit of sports to art, music and drama. There are also a number of other pursuits overseen by our enthusiastic staff. Many activities are carried out on campus, but others make use of the many and varied resources, including museums, galleries, archery, gymnasium and water sports.