The Oxford School, Kollam is a dynamic day-cum-boarding school, established and built on the timeless traditions and values of the Manarul Huda Trust and directed towards an international student body. We are at the leading edge of scholarly technological innovation, providing the best environment for learning. The School specializes in the “total” education of the child, offering comprehensive programmes of visual arts, media studies, drama, performing arts and music. It also offers one of the best sporting programmes .

The students form the very core of the Oxford School, Kollam educational community and the mission of the school is to nurture and build on each individual’s gifts providing them with the opportunities to realise their full potential.

From reception age through to 18, students benefit from an international curriculum deeply rooted in the National Curriculum implemented by the Govt. of India but also comprising the very best practice in other curricula. Our students are provided with every opportunity to shine academically. the curriculum is diverse and individuals are able to pick subjects that match their skill sets and strengths. Focus is placed on the school’s International roots and, as such, proven teaching techniques from a number of relevant jurisdictions are incorporated into the educational structure the School takes the view that they are educating the leaders of the future. With this in mind they instill in the qualities of respect, good manners, social competence and confidence.

The pupil of the Oxford School, Kollam will hold doors open, our pupil will remember to say please and thank you, They will always look smart, our pupil will look after the weak and the vulnerable and they will exhibit confidence and leadership but never arrogance. They like their parents, want the very best for its pupils. They are expected to lift themselves to the heights of the Oxford School luminaries who have gone before and to work hard, play hard and achieve the very best of their abilities. Through their conduct and their achievements, our Pupils are expected to be a credit to their parents and school.

The curriculum subjects are divided into core and option groups. Core subjects are compulsory and include first language English, mathematics, Science and information technology. Students are also required to study a minimum of two of the three core science areas; physics, chemistry and biology, or Commerce.

All students study at least one language, but it is preferable to undertake two languages drawn from Arabic and Malayalam.

As part of our commitment to educational innovation, the school also to pilot two new exciting subjects: media studies and world literature in English.

Ten Values the Oxford School, Kollam
“To present opportunities for our students to express their creativity, develop a joy of learning and gain self-confidence.”