The teaching of Arabic and Islamic Studies at the Oxford School, Kollam give every student a broad, well-balanced amount of language material, commensurate with its students’ abilities. The school offers teaching and learning programmes based on the Quranic , Hadith, and the teachings of the prophet.

The Islamic Studies programme is underpinned by a strong emphais on Islamic values and the school’s philosophy of ‘learning to know, to do, to live with others and to become oneself’. All of the Arabic and Islamic Education teachers at the Oxford School, Kollam are experienced in their field and have been selected for their high standard of classroom management skills and knowledge of teaching / training techniques, with a proven record of success. The team of educators is led by a highly-experienced academic at national and international levels.

Students find the teachers friendly and efficient, and capable of responding to their particular learning requirements. Throughout their study, teachers are supportive, stimulating and informative in creating opportunities for learning and practice in a comfortable, relaxed atmosphere.