Education at the Oxford School, Kollam is a partnership between teachers, students and parents. In order to offer continuity of learning from nursery to Senior Secondary, based on the creation of a stimulating and caring environment for all, the school requires full parental support.

In this way the learning processes initiated at school are maintained and encouraged at home. An essential component of education is developing the right work values and practices, and in this parents can play a vital, if not definitive role. Sound habits at home are invariably translated into good habits, whether academic, social or disciplinary, at school.

By choosing to send your children to the Oxford School, Kollam you are giving your children the opportunity to become enquiring, creative and motivated learners capable of thriving academically, socially and emotionally. You have also made a commitment that involves certain obligations as parents and partners to help us in the education of your children. For instance, there are throughout the academic year parent’s meetings, which we require you to attend, when you can discuss either your child’s progress with his or her teachers or more general matters relating to the school.