Aims to empower learners by developing understanding of different areas like –
food and nurition
human development
community resourse management and extension
fabric and apparel science

It helps the students to understand the changing needs of the Indian scociety, academic principles as well as develop professional skills. This would make them competent to meet challenges of becoming responsible citizens.
Departmetnt of Sports, Games and Health Science

Physical Education serves as the foundation for healthy living and it is a truism to say that self esteem is envisaged for physical well-being. The department develops in the learners an understanding of the knowledge and skills to facilitate them to develop self, family and community. It acquaints the learners with the basics of human development like discipline, punctuality, sharing, oneness and management of all available resources. It also develops skills of communication to assist in advocacy and dissemination of knowledge to community. The Department brings the overall awareness of values and inculcate among students the desired habits and attitudes towards health and raise their health status. We motivate students’ interest in exercise, sports and games for self-satisfaction and make it a part of life.