World Environment Day Celebration

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The World Environment Day was celebrated at The Oxford School in all grandeur. The function was inaugurated by Mrs. Sonal Salim , Agricultural Officer, Thrikkovilvattom Gramapanchayat . She stressed on the need to conserve environment. It was presided over by the Principal, Mr. Abdul Latheef . Later the students of senior classes took out a rally from Ayathil Junction to Palathara Junction which was flagged off by Mr. Nazimudeen, Sub-Inspector of Police, Eravipuram. Saplings were distributed to the public by the Principal, teachers and senior students. On the whole the event was fruitful in enriching our students with a novel experience of meeting and being with the public.

It could be considered as a new and remarkable episode in the history of the Oxford School, when the public whole heartedly welcomed the venture of our school.