To Redefine the Limits of Dedication

Guru, the eternal personification of knowledge and motivation. The Oxford School has always been a fertile land and grooming ground for exceptional teachers over the years. The Central Board of Secondary Education , Delhi acknowledged this fact when they adorned seven teachers of Oxford including our Principal with Inspire Awards from Mrs. Smriti Irani, Honourable Human Resources Development Minister, Government of India.

The following teachers received the award for the best result in AISSE 2013-14.


Mr. Abdul Latheef                                                (Principal)

Mrs. Ambikavathy Amma                                  (Malayalam)

Mrs. Ambili G                                                         (Malayalam)

Mrs. Sheena R                                                        (Social Science)

Mrs. Sandhya T S                                                   (Hindi)

Mrs. Rohini R C                                                      (Biology)

Mrs. Manoofa J                                                      (Chemistry)

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