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Oxford School Parliament Election- 2014-15


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      The national civic sense of the Oxfordians responded to the democratic call as the Oxford Parliament Election was conducted on 24 June 2014. Senior and junior students casted their votes meticulously for the eligible candidates. The election was a toughly contested one as the potential and credentials of each candidate were par excellence.



The Oxford School Parliament

Head Boy                              Suhan A Salam 

Head Girl                               Mohsina Salim

Asst. Head boy                      Abu Riyan

Asst. Head Girl                       Ammu


Home                                    Yaseen Musiliar

Education                                 Rayan Muhammed

Sports                                    Mohammed Faheem

Transport                             Fazil Navas

Food & Health                       Fathima M Sadikh

Art & Culture                         Thasin Noushad

Event Management                Ajmal Muhammed

Deputy Ministers

Home                                     Mohammed Sadath

Education                              Mohammed Yaseen

Sports                                  Ebrahim Thaha

Transport                              Aliya N

Food & Health                        Sajid Siyad

Art & Culture                        Amina Salam

Event Management                Abdul Azeem