School Parliament Council Election at TOSK Goes Online

This year’s school parliament council election at the The Oxford School has found a new version with kids ‘lining up’ online to exercise their franchise right from their homes. It was a new experience for Oxfordians to be a part of the basics of the democratic process by overcoming all the challenges posed by the Covid pandemic. It was also a great achievement for TOSK’s online academic processes that more than 900 people have witnessed the conduct of elections online- thanks to EDUCORE, our virtual tool! 

Al Muhammed Thameem (XII – C) has been selected as the Head Boy while Aishwarya A K (XII-C) is the Head Girl. Other members of the Council include Thejas Anilkumar (XI-C)- Assi. Head Boy, Pavithra Jayakumar (XI-A)- Assi. Head Girl, Sreejith S Unnithan (XII-C)- Sports Minister, Bilal Muhammed (XII-C)- Arts & Culture Minister, Mariam Bind Altaf (X- A)- Deputy Sports Minister, and Ashik Mohammed (X- B)- Deputy Arts & Culture Minister.

Best wishes for all for their bright and energetic performance for the coming days ahead!