Practice Until You Can’t Get It Wrong

The message was very clear to the students that a wrong stride could keep them away from the podium in the track and field events at the Oxford Annual Athletic Meet 2014-15. The meet was declared open by Olympian Anil Kumar who is the national record holder in 100 meters. Displaying discipline the houses led by the Head Boy and Head Girl presented guard of honour to our Chief Guest. The entire arena was glowing with luminescence as Mohammed Faheem, the Sports Captain and the four house Captains ignited the Annual Athletic Meet flame. He oath taking ceremony was the real battle among athletes for gold, silver and bronze medals. Venus House was declared as Overall Champions of the Annual Athletic Meet 2014-15.

Individual Champions

Sub Junior Girls – Neha Mary Joy             VII A    Venus House
Sub Junior Boys – Muhammed Anzam     VII B     Saturn House
Junior Girls – Noufia N.R                                IX A      Venus House
Junior Boys – Naufal Nazeer                         IX B       Neptune House
Senior Girls – Nourin Kamar                         XII A    Venus House
Senior Boys – Shawn Wilson                         XII C     Venus House

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