On 24th September 2019 the students of KG section were taken on a field trip to give a hands on experience related to the theme ‘Plants’ to the nearby nursery. Students were overjoyed to see different types of plants like shrubs, creepers, climbers, bonsai and trees in the nursery and they enjoyed exploring. The objective of the activity was to reinforce the topic-plants and to inculcate the love for the environment and to relish the beauty of nature. It was amazing to see them observe and describe different plants and flowers. They were excited to interact with the gardener as well. They were curious to know about the surrounding and were excited to see the pots of varying shapes and sizes. This was a rare sight for them. The students thoroughly enjoyed the field trip to nursery.

All these activities of the day helped in enhancing the cognitive skills of the children besides boosting their aesthetic development. More, they made plants their buddies!