Merging the Saffron, White and Green

Independence Day Celebration

Young minds of the Oxfordians paid their homage at the cenotaphs commemorating the dedication and sacrifice of all soldiers and freedom fighters. The National Flag was unfurled symbolizing eternal freedom, love and unity. Memorabilia of the students were painted with a wonderful display of patriotic spirit and enthusiasm by the kindergarten wonders. Images of the great leaders in India were displayed as a tableau by classes I to V. Creative urge and true Indian spirit were evident in the poster designing competition.

IMG_6381 IMG_6383 IMG_6385 IMG_6394 IMG_6417 IMG_6429 IMG_6433 IMG_6445 IMG_6456 IMG_6470 IMG_6474 IMG_6488 IMG_6492 IMG_6501 IMG_6504 IMG_6512 IMG_6516 IMG_6517 IMG_6535 IMG_6539 IMG_6544 IMG_6560 IMG_6563 IMG_6571 IMG_6577 IMG_6578 IMG_6582 IMG_6588 IMG_6591 IMG_6592 IMG_6593 IMG_6595 IMG_6603 IMG_6607 IMG_6609 IMG_6613 IMG_6620 IMG_6622 IMG_6624 IMG_6625 IMG_6628 IMG_6629 IMG_6631 IMG_6634

In the programme that ensued, students participated in house wise competitions on National Anthem and Patriotic Songs.



Laurels for Disciplined Display

Poster Designing              1. Jupiter

2. Venus & Saturn

3. Neptune

National Anthem             1. Jupiter

2. Venus

3. Neptune

Patriotic Song                    1. Saturn

2. Venus