Make a Difference; Be an Awakener

Teacher is a lifelong learner. The teaching fraternity has to keep abreast with the ever changing technology and the mindset of the students, thereby. Keeping this in view a Teachers Orientation program was organized at The Oxford School, Kollam recently. The program started with a welcome speech by Dr. Sajid Ali, Principal. The Chief Guest of the program was Mr. Pratheep Kumar, ACP, Kollam. During the session he said that a creative curriculum offers children plenty of opportunities to exhibit creative behavior. Such a curriculum will emphasize on independent learning, self–initiated projects and experimentation. Today’s children must be given the chance to develop their creativity to the fullest. He also pointed out on the difference between traditional and modern teaching & learning process as well as the parenting.  The session was learning centered with questionnaires, discussion and sharing of experiences. The program was quite enlightening for the teachers.