“Ente Nadu” expo organised by The oxford school Kollam , inaugurated by the  Principal Dr.Sajid Ali,  Manager Adv.Shanavas and teachers on 01/12/2018  enchanted the on-lookers; spreading profusely the radiance of Kerala’s rich cultural heritage. Different sections of the school were luminously blended with collections of antiques, miniatures of historical monuments and paintings, descriptive charts, students disguised as different historical characters; nearly more than 200 nadan victuals of olden times, collection of 100 rare medicinal plants, power point presentation, 575  Malayalam books written by great writers and poets with informative charts were displayed affluently, stand stills of Raja Ravi Varma Paintings, traditional art forms viz  Kathakali, Theyyam, Mohiniyattam, Ottanthullal, Thiruvathira,  Kolkali, Duff muttu, Chakyarkoothu, Nangiarkoothu, Kerala Nadanan, Chavittu nadakam, Margamkali,Vallamkali, Kalaripayattu were depicted by the students. An array of different musical instruments, demonstration of different religious festivals of  Kerala. Entertainment activities like thiruvathira , oppana, folk dance, musical concert were performed in the school quadrangle

Many nearby schools and public visited and appreciated the wholly  wedged effort and participation of the management, staff  and parents of the school