Demagogues were questioned with logical reasoning and awareness of the democratic rights of individuals during the Oxford School Parliament Election held on 25th June 2015. Recreation of the election procedure at the Oxford was informative and incompatible. We congratulate all the students who contested the Oxford School Parliament election 2015-16.

And the elected ones are…

Head Boy                                         : Mohammed Ameen                   XII B

Head Girl                                          : Aysha Najeeb N                          XII A                                                                               

Asst. Head Boy                              : Sharukhan                                     XII B

Asst. Head Girl                               : Aysha Shahana                            XI A




Home Minister                              : Mohammed Nafeel A                XII B

Education Minister                      : Afra A                                             XII A

Sports Minister                             : Mohammed Ismail                     XII B

Transport Minister                       : Sajid Siyad                                    XI B

Art & Culture Minister                : Adithya Anand                            XII A

Food & Health Minister              : Mohammed Yazeen                  XI B

Event Management Minister    : Lyander Edwin                           XII B





Deputy Ministers

Home                                                : Junaid M                            X B

Education                                       : Asfiya A                              X A

Sports                                              : Mohammed Bilal             X B

Transport                                       : Adinan A V                          X B

Art & Culture                                : Hyreen S S                         IX A

Food & Health                             : Althaf Mohammed         IX B

Event Management                   : Mohammed Usman       IX B

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