Bloom Green – Eco Friendly Plantable Seed Pen

We believe in giving back to the environment that has selflessly provided us with countless things to fulfill our needs. Especially, when we have already destructed and caused immense damage to our mother nature.

It is time that we selfishly stop taking.

It is time to learn to give back.

It is time to make our blue and green home feel proud of its residents.

And, the first step to begin with is to cease the use of the most harmful and toxic substance available on this surface- Plastic. Ecofriendly Plantable Seed Pen will be a substitution for plastic pens.

The Oxford School, Kollam along with Signature Team for making these recycled plantable paper pens more accessible and popular amongst masses to make it their top option that serves the purpose while being attentive and concerned about environmental disposal issues and to be a helping hand for the Physically challenged work force; we have taken our first step by ordering & receiving 300 plantable paper pens from Mr. Gopi Chitoor, Palakkad who is suffering from Diplegia 

Plantable paper pens will be a path to bring about environmental awareness and make our contribution towards a happier and healthier future. In one shot these pens achieve up-cycling of paper, plastic waste reduction and tree plantation Once a pen has been used up, it can be just be planted into the soil. The seed will sprout from the bottom of the pen.