Beyond the Syllabus – Interact and Inspire

Students and teachers of The Oxford School, Kollam were taken by surprise when M.A. Yusuff Ali, Chairman and Managing Director of LuLu Group visited the school and interacted with the children. He is very closely involved in many social, charitable and humanitarian activities both in India as well as in the Arab states of the Gulf. A lot of excitement and enthusiasm was exhibited among the children and the teachers during his presence amidst them and was considerate enough to spend his valuable time. He recollected about his great relation with Manarul Huda Trust, the parent organization of TOSK which runs numerous educational institutions in India and UAE. He quotes that ‘we should always be grateful and thankful for everything – big and small’. It was very clear through his interaction that his love for the children hasn’t left him. The Vice Principal, Manager and the staffs of The Oxford School, Kollam welcomed him to the school with the students.