Beyond Academic: Trips & Excursion

“Travelling is a part of education. An excursion is not just a pleasure trip; it enhances the knowledge of the students beyond the four walls of the classroom”

TOSK organized annual excursion for the students of Grade III- VIII to various places (Priyadarsini Planetarium, Sree Chitra Art Gallery, Kuthira Malika Palace, Sunil’s Wax Museum, Sree Padmanabhaswamy TempleBottom of Form & Shankumugham Beach) to provide an enriching experiencing to students and to take learning beyond the four walls of the classroom on 14th November, 2019.

Students on their visit to the Art Gallery & Palace had a meaningful exposure to experiential learning when they studied real artifacts and artwork from the ancient and medieval periods. The school discreetly organized the educational trips to strategically and historically important places and facilitates for students to reach out for information beyond the text books. These trips extended a much needed break from the hectic daily schedule and an opportunity for the facilitators and learners to bond with each other.