We stood proud of a new beginning as our little ones moved forward from Kindergarten to Grade one. The Oxford Tendercare celebrated Graduation Ceremony on 21st March 2015. The function commenced with a prayer followed by Principal Sir’s welcome speech.  The tiny tots of LKG adorned in shining attire bade adieu to their UKG graduates, who walked the ramp along with music, in their traditional convocation gowns and caps. Their smiling faces were welcomed by the audience with rapturous applause as they received scrolls of merit on the dais. Inimitable, were the moist eyes of parents who witnessed the event when the kids shared their invoking memories. The epic event came to its culmination with the vote of thanks. The Oxford Tendercare graciously thanked the distinguished guests, the management, their proud parents and everyone who attended the Graduation Day Programme.12 x 6 copy copy IMG_1763IMG_1748 IMG_1734IMG_1727 IMG_1722IMG_1714 IMG_1674IMG_1802IMG_1799IMG_1795IMG_1793IMG_1773