Counselling programme

For students who have personal problem, difficulty in coping with their studies, and for those who are not able to enjoy School life, counselling service is offered. Feel free to contact the school counselor Mr. V.S. Unnikrishnan M.A. ( Applied Psychology) & P.G. Diploma in Guidance and Counselling. ( NCERT)

( Psychology, M.S. & M.Phil ( Scholar

Special features of the programme:

The Yearly package comprises different psychological tasks, Individual counseling, community counseling, Group counseling, Vocational guidance programmes, career development programme, Seminars, debates, Group discussions, Conference, Cognitive classes, behaviou modification programme, Yoga training study skills, Mind intending to improve the physical, psychological, emotional and Cognitive health of the students, parents & Teachers

Psychological Tests:

The following tests are to be administered among students individually as well as in groups on the basis of psychological age groupings.

* Intelligence, creativity & self esteem test
* Personality assessment test.
* Interpersonal relationship test
* Study skill & study satisfaction test.
* Memory test & Assertiveness Test.
* Interest Schedule Test.

( Psychological Test Records will be kept confidential with the Principal)

Special Counselling Programme – ACP-

SCP is arranged termly for slow learners , very backward students, environment hit
students & those who are lacking parental care.

Public Relations Week:
In the month of April-

This includes

* Personality Development classes
* Conference & Seminars on different subjects
* Career guidance
* Summer camp.