All the students are required to wear the school uniform.
Muslim girls from the 5th std upwards cover their hair with a black scarf.
Boys hair maintain a styled or trimmed hair to stay out of eyes. Shoes that cover the feet and are sturdy enough for out door play are worn. Girls are
not allowed to wear makeup or jewels except small ear rings. Girls are not allowed to have long fingernails or apply nail polish.

Students may bring to school only personal items which the school does not provide, but are legitimately to be used at school.

Food / candy is not being eaten in school premises. Parents need to be aware at all times of the item their children bring to school.

If the teacher permits toys to be brought to school for sharing on certain days, the toys must be securely wrapped and have the child’s name clearly marked on the package. The package will be kept by the teacher and returned at the end of the day

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