Expected School wide Learning Results
Students of the Oxford School are expected to:

1. Demonstrate leadership qualities:

* Self –confidence and self –esteem.
* Independent thinking
* Effective decision –making
* Good management of human resources.

2. Engage in critical Thinking and Problem solving Procedures:

* Investigation of problems
* Deduction of reasoning
* Analyzing and visualizing problem
* Reaching conclusion.

3. Master the basic Language Skills:

* Reading and writing proficiency
* Effective mechanics
* Comprehension and composition
* Oral response

4. Be Effective Communicators:

* Possessing effective vocabulary skills
* Displaying clarity of thought
* Being good listeners to different views.
* Defending their views intelligently and logically.
* Becoming confident speakers

5. Have proficient study habits:

* Knowledge of what and how to study
* Time management
* Focus & concentration abilities
* Stress relief

6. Use Technology Effective

* Understand use computers
* Use internet for research
* Translate concepts into visual images
* Apply technical ethics and good judgment.

7. Have World awareness:

* Geography and History of civilizations
* Current issues and events
* Social problem
* Problem of the Muslim world and communities.

8. Have a Interpersonal Skills:

* Responsibility towards community
* Adaptability to different situations
* Respect for elders and love for the young
* Tolerance for different cultures and individuals
* Work ethics
* Moral ethics

9. Care about Health and safety:

* Understand the structure and function of the human body
* Have a good judgment in diet, exercise and sleep?
* To practices personal sanitation
* To avoid tobacco, Drugs and addictive substances

10. Muslim Students of the Oxford are expected to have a sound understanding of Islamic Character:

* Clear knowledge of the basis of Islam
* Application of Islam values
* Pride in Islamic identity
* Awareness of the roles as Khalifah