At the heart of Oxford educational philosophy are the development of the mind and an understanding of how an individual student learns best. The intellectual, social and ethical needs of our students determine our educational requirements. In its curriculum development, always an on-going process, the Oxford school is futuristic and innovative. We believe in a curriculum that has its foundations in intellectual content rather than assessment, which equips our students to think and appreciate, and is flexible enough to give all our students an opportunity to excel.

Our curriculum consists of two distinct, if complementary strands, both of which seek to promote individual excellence and achievement. There is, firstly, the examined curriculum, the priority in the Senior School and the upper year groups in the junior School, where we aim for effectiveness in preparing students for their respective public and entrance examinations. In our selection of these courses we aim to provide subject material that will inspire students of all ages. The courses are thus balanced and broadly based, and thereby contribute effectively to student’s academic and social attainment. Secondly, we aims to broaden the intellectual horizons of our students through non-examined courses. In this way we allow for choice and a diversity of interest.

The curriculum is rooted in the English Curriculum, but a vital focus is also given to the international dimension of the school. We limit the number of students in each class, as a result, each student receives the individual attention from the teacher which is essential in ensuring that the required level of progress is made. Central to all things academic are the Senior School Library, one of the most distinctive buildings on the school campus. Containing a wealth of resources, libraries are no longer just a source of books, they are staffed throughout the school day and easy access is also provided for boarders in the former. We also takes the view that they are educating the leaders of the future and, with this in mind, we seek to instill in our students qualities of respect, courtesy, social competence and self-confidence.

The course of study prescribed by CBSE is followed here. Medium of instruction is English. The students have to learn Hindi and Malayalam till Std VIII. There is a provision to choose Hindi/Malayalam/French/Arabic  as a second language for the Secondary School Board Examination. The Senior Secondary Section of our school follows two streams – the Science and  Commerce. English is compulsory for all the streams.

Group I – Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics,  Computer Science/Malayalam/Physical Education.

Group II – Physics, Chemistry, Biology,   Computer Science/Malayalam/Physicl Education.

Group III – Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Biology.

Group IV – Business Studies, Accountancy, Economics,   Computer Science/Malayalam/Physical Education.

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