Along with the website, which we would encourage you all to log onto at, this prospectus is probably your first direct association with the school. I hope it encourages you to discover more about a school, which, we believe, offer a unique educational opportunity for your children.

The Oxford School, a Senior Secondary Residential School, affiliated to CBSE, New Delhi, is one of the few institutions where not only IQ ( Intelligence Quotient ) but also MQ (Moral Quotient), EQ( Emotional Quotient) and SQ ( Spiritual Quotient) are given importance . Students are guided towards holistic development so as to make them academically strong and socially responsible citizens and is housed most modern facilities.

Spacious and well-stocked library, modern computer labs, language and play labs, classrooms equipped with multimedia teaching aid, daily tutorials, completion of home work and other assignments in the school itself, well organized family system, group discussions and model parliamentary debates, project reports, multi-skill development programmes including training in life skills, strong moral/ Islamic education, art & craft sessions, swimming classes, archery , skating , karate and yoga in addition to traditional games are some of the unique features of this school.

Coaching classes are conducted by subject experts for 11th and 12th class students to prepare them for medical and engineering entrance examinations. The school has air conditioned hostels for girls and boys separately where students from various parts stay like one family. The fact that our students got 100% distinctions and 1st divisions in the CBSE exam and won several trophies at the Youth Festivals speaks volumes about the school’s excellence in academic as well as co- curricular activities. The school is committed to serve the society in the best possible professional way with a human touch.

Once a student enters the school, the challenge for all the teaching and non-academic staff will be to provide every opportunity for individual academic and extra curricular success. At the very heart of school life is the boarding programme. But, whether our students are boarding or day, boy or girl, very young or older, our aim at the Oxford is to provide a happy, caring and stimulating environment, where everybody can develop their abilities and talents, and, possibly most important of all, enjoy whatever they are doing. There is a genuine sense of community at the school. Parents are a crucial factor in developing this and everybody involved in an open and friendly relationship. We seek to further this on every possible occasion and here we are writing as both the Head and also a parent. Our door is always open to you if you have any concerns or questions.

Being counted among the top educational institutes, we have meticulous planning, dedicated faculty, adequate fund, autonomy of administration, a fair admission procedure and commitment towards building an institute of repute. Our school dots the city with its top quality boarding and its cosmopolitan culture which is reflected in its progressive style. We are known for the quality in terms of the faculty members, infrastructure, extracurricular activities and overall approach in the way the students are groomed.

I am a great believer in the hands on approach to education wanting to know all parents and students alike whether directly through the class room or boarding or by supporting the wide variety of extra circular activities on offer at the School. There will always a warm welcome at The Oxford School, No prospectus can ever fully convey the essence of any school, so please do not hesitate to come and see us, when we can expand on this most exciting educational opportunity for you and your children.

Yours faithfully,
Mr. A. Elyas Khan (MSc,MEd)
Director, The Oxford School