A child with special needs will inspire you to be a special kind of person

Oxfordians visited Vimala Hridaya Special School on 5th of November 2019. The children of Vimala Hridaya Special School were very pleasantly excited to receive our students. The student volunteers greeted them with great enthusiasm. There was huge smile on the faces of children and they were very happy to engage with them. They also met the caretaker who was busy in helping the children to do various activities. They distributed sweets to the children and interacted with them. All the children looked so excited and joyful.

The team spent a little over three hours with the children of Vimala Hridaya Special School before saying goodbye to them. The visit encouraged the students to do more for the needy and help them. It was indeed very satisfying experience for the students as they could bring smiles on children’s faces however for a brief period.